The Energy Of The Planet

Here is some amazing Time Lapse footage from around our planet earth. Pretty amazing what footage they can come up with these days eh?

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Chocolate Bunny Kill

This one comes to you just in time for Easter... There is nothing quite like watching a chocolate bunny melt right before your eyes. The dripping eye part had to be my favorite part, how bout u?

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Caterpillars Becoming Butterflies

This next time lapse video shows Butterflies emerging from their cocoons. Pretty amazing to watch nature in fast forward...

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Slow Motion Shake

Not exactly time lapse this time, but none the less pretty cool = ) Watch as this grizzly bear shakes of all the water on its coat in super slow motion...

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New York City In Super Slow Motion

This next video doesn't really qualify as Time Lapse, but it's still pretty damn cool! Shot in New York City at 300fps on a Casio EX-F1...

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