Trippy Wall Art Animation

Wow this must have taken a hell of a long time to make... Whoever made up this video sure had a lot of artistic talent!

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High Speed Water Balloon Drop

You don't even need drugs to appreciate this one... There is just something about a water balloon as super slow motion... Very cool!

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Monster Truck Rally In Time Lapse

What a great idea! This is one sweet time lapse video of a Monster Truck Rally! Nice choice of music as well... It almost looks unreal, but I am pretty sure it is in fact reality, tough to tell these days.

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Time Lapse Of Barack Obama's Victory Rally

Well, in case you were off the planet for the last few days you might not have heard that Barack Obama was elected the next president of The United States. Here is a time lapse perspective of the amazing rally in Chicago on election night 2008. I hope you voted for the right man...

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Stop Motion Chess Game

This must have taken a really long time to make! Watch as these two timeless competitors go at it, claymation style...

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Stop Motion Videos

First up is making spaghetti stop motion with just a bit of a twist... The ingredients are rather odd let's just say!

Most of us have probably had too much to drink at one time or another... Hopefully your friends were nicer to you than to this poor chap...

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8 Years Of Someone's Life In 2 Minutes

I can't myself imagine spending the time on a project like this, but you have to admit this is pretty cool. Watch as this gentleman takes a picture of himself ever day for 8 years...

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Tilt Shift Time Lapse Video

This looks to be a time lapse computer generated video of people at the beach... Whether it is real or computer generated they did a great job!

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Ball Dropped In The Sand (Slow Motion)

Amazing how much different things look when you slow them down. This is pretty damn cool....

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Time Lapse Slime Mold And Mushrooms

This is a very cool video I ran across just today. Watch these mushrooms and fungi developing in time lapse...

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Things are always better in slow motion and popcorn is no exception. Check out this video below that I ran across on Youtube. Who would have thought popcorn could be so graceful?

If you liked that one you'll love this next clip. Everything slow motion...

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Time Lapse Albuquerque Balloon Festival

This must have taken a long, long time to make. Great job though, complete with balloons, fireworks, people and other strange carnivals stuff...

The Pavement Picasso In Time Lapse

If you have never heard of Julian Beever you are in for a real treat. Watch as on of the best artist of all time creates the Fountain of Youth! Very impressive...

Ants Make Quick Work Of A Gecko

This amazing time lapse footage is of a Gecko being completely devoured piece by piece by a hoard of ants. They are the garbage collectors of the world after all...

Now in reverse...

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Time Lapse Footage Of Mount St. Helen

This next time lapse video is of a lava dome forming on Mount St. Helen over a four year period from 2004 to 2008. Quite remarkable footage...

Mount St. Helens Lava Dome Growth from Dave Schumaker on Vimeo.

Next up is a sunset in time lapse... They never seem to get old! I like the bend in the lens on this video too. They did a good job!

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Time Lapse Mania!

This time-lapse videos has a bit of everything... parking lots, highways, sun, clouds, and even a grand finale fireworks show. That was my favorite part... very cool video and the music fits it well.

Next up is a super cell forming in time-lapse... not so sure about the music on this one, but the clouds are quite spectacular!

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Time Lapse Of Man Stuck In Elevator For 40 Hours!

What an ordeal, I guess this might make him think twice about going for a smoke. I wish this upon no man... but I bet he gets a pretty good amount of money for this horrible experience!

Whoever says humans aren't like ants, obvious have not seen this clip. This is a time lapse video of crowds at a London train station...

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Fruit Rotting In Time Lapse

This might make you think twice about eating fruit that is a little past ripe! Watch as these bananas and grapes shrivel to nothing...

Watermelon decomposition in time lapse! Short little clip, but still quite strange...

Last up is a half eaten apple... This is one of the more well done time lapse videos on the internet. They really did a great job...

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The Circle Of Life

Anyone who has seen the movie alien can relate to this. An amazing time lapse display of a baby moving inside its mom's belly! Pretty neat...

9 months of gestation in 20 seconds. I bet a lot of woman wish it was only this long : )

Here is what happened to that kid after he came out of the womb... 80 years of aging in 40 seconds!

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Amazing High Speed Camera Displays

Who knew that something as simple as a lighter could be sure an impressive display when you slow it down like this...

The same can be said for this light bulb, watch as it is broken and slowly goes out...

12 different objects shot all with high speed cameras to include the most basic of details... I have seen a few similar videos out there on the net, but this one takes the cake and is a full 10 minutes long!

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Bittersweet Symphony Time Lapse Montage

This was one of the best time-lapse videos I have run across so far. It includes some fantastic clouds and sunset footage. I love trees above the clouds, makes it seem like an ocean of mist, nice work!

This next clip is for all you shroomers out there. Watch as these Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms grow to full size in a matter of 45 seconds! Trippy...

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Time Lapsed - One Year In Antarctica

If you have ever wondered what it is like to live in Antarctica, check out this clip of 1 year in Antarctica. You will at least get an idea of what it would be like to visit... I don't know though I really think that sideways sun might just drive some people nuts!

This next video is the Northern Light or Aurora Borealis in time lapse. Quite some spectacular footage but judging by the fact that it has over 2 million views on Youtube I am guessing some of you may have seen this one before.

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Time Lapsed For Your Enjoyment

First up is a sand sculpture by the name of Ballabh Mohapatra, at only the ago of 24 his work is quite spectacular... I just hope it doesn't rain soon!

Next up is the World's record for a penny pyramid. Apparently it took about 300 hours to build this massive structure but you get to see it being built in just 3 minutes...

It's always nice to begin a day with a sunrise such as this one... Lucky camera : )

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First up is the Panama Canal in time-lapse over a long period of time... quite amazing!