Stop Motion Chess Game

This must have taken a really long time to make! Watch as these two timeless competitors go at it, claymation style...

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Stop Motion Videos

First up is making spaghetti stop motion with just a bit of a twist... The ingredients are rather odd let's just say!

Most of us have probably had too much to drink at one time or another... Hopefully your friends were nicer to you than to this poor chap...

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8 Years Of Someone's Life In 2 Minutes

I can't myself imagine spending the time on a project like this, but you have to admit this is pretty cool. Watch as this gentleman takes a picture of himself ever day for 8 years...

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Tilt Shift Time Lapse Video

This looks to be a time lapse computer generated video of people at the beach... Whether it is real or computer generated they did a great job!

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